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#BWLuckyDog Campaign

Black Wednesday Introduces “Lucky Dog” Campaign Presented by The Waggle Company


Today we launched our 4th series today; the 13-week “Lucky Dog” campaign, presented by The Waggle Company: Charlotte’s premier dog walking service, will feature available black dogs under the care of local rescues.


The Lucky Dog campaign was inspired by the company’s love for dogs and in acknowledgement of the “Black Dog Effect,” the idea that black dogs are less likely to get rescued because they are either intimidating, hard to see at the shelter, or unlucky. Black Wednesday has engaged local rescues South of the Bully, Halfway There, Carolina Big Hearts Big Barks, Long Trails Happy Tails, Carolina Paws, and Lucky Labs.


Each Wednesday throughout the campaign an adoptable black pup will get posted to Black Wednesday’s social channels; In the spirit of supporting the new family, one who adopts a #BWLuckyDog during the campaign will get a “welcome home package” including $30 in dog walking credit from The Waggle Company, $35 worth of services at Spay Neuter Charlotte, $100 off a training session with KeenDog, a dog bath from the Dog Salon, $30 off an exam at VetweRx, a custom flag from Flagology, and more.


“Every dog should have a good home; working with the local rescues and dog-loving brands to support making that happen is so exciting,”  says BW owner, Corri Smith.


“We support dog rescues and the wonderful people who adopt so we are thrilled to partner with Black Wednesday on this campaign,” says Meggie Williams, co-owner of The Waggle Company. “We want to make it as easy as possible for someone to make the decision to adopt a rescue dog, which is why we’re giving $30 in Waggle credit to for each rescue adoption through this campaign.”


Follow the campaign on BW’s social channels and help us get these dogs into loving homes!

The Wednesday Social: 5 Reasons Why You Need To Get on Twitter Today

Oh happy Wednesday!

Welcome to this week’s social, where we’ll discuss the five reasons why you need to be on Twitter! Whether you are new and want to create an account or someone who is trying to learn how to better use your current account, here are some resources and inspiration!

Get your news quick and on-the-go

Twitter has a variety of news topics you are able to look through. Whether you are into politics, sports or just pure entertainment, it has everything you are looking for, especially trending topics. Nowadays, everyone seems to be in a hurry and they don’t have enough time to grab the newspaper, but with a Twitter account, you’re able to get your news before you even get out of bed. A variety of information can be found under the ‘Explore’ tab, at the bottom of your screen. Click here to learn about the transformation of the ‘Moments’ tab to the ‘Explore’ tab and how you can use it to look there for trending hashtags. Scroll through your home feed to see what your friends are sharing. You can even look through hashtags to get the latest updates on a topic.


One of Twitter’s newest features is the livestream! The most recent, and one of the most successful streams you were able to watch, was the 2017 Grammys reaching 5.1 million people. Sports fans, you will be happy to know that Twitter teamed up with the NFL to livestream games, on Thursday Night Football. You also have the availability to create your own livestream and to show your followers a behind-the-scenes peek at your work, your daily activities, or something cool you stumbled upon. Contributing via livestream can help cultivate a stronger following to grow your account and credibility.

Get the word out about your business

Looking to get a larger following for your business? Twitter is a great and authentic way to promote your message. You are able to post information, blogs, media, links, gifs and more (of course with a limit of 140 characters). Using hashtags within your tweets is also a great way to connect with other people and engage in conversations that are in line with your interests. Connecting with fellow tweeters who have the same interests as you will grow your following and could potentially lead to further reach if and when those people share your content.

Get yourself hired

Yes, if you are looking for a job, you are able to get hired through your Twitter. First impressions are key to landing a job. Optimize your Twitter avatar and your bio to help potential headhunters find you and understand that you’re looking. By writing a bio that explicitly speaks to your job search or utilizes relevant hashtags, you might just get found! In the case you are seeking employment, it is super important to clean up your profile; you can even link directly to your LinkedIn page.

Keep up with your favorite brands

People are always looking for promotions or the latest products from their favorite brands. With social media on the rise, more and more businesses are turning to a variety of platforms to share their content! Many brands host conversations/Twitter chats or use branded hashtags to manage contests; many brands use Twitter  to engage one on one; see how Wendy’s recently blew up Twitter by interacting with their Twitter followers.

Using Twitter is also a great way to give feedback on a product. Brands have become more social media-focused, so instead of calling a customer service hotline, you are able to ask questions and send direct messages through Twitter. There’s a high chance that there will be someone to receive your mentions or inquiries, whether they be positive or negative. You might even catch their eye and they could share your tweet! If you’re marketing a brand, you can use one of our fave tools Sprout Social to monitor and listen.

If you can’t tell, we’re big fans of Twitter, mainly for the super direct interaction it offers! What are your favorite Twitter features? Let’s hear from YOU. Find us on social to let us know: @bwsocialco.

The Wednesday Social: 5 Instagram Features We Can’t Live Without

Oh happy Wednesday!

Welcome to this week’s social, where we’ll discuss big things happening in the social media space…

Let’s talk Instagram, specifically the 5 features that we can’t live without as social media marketers. Over the past year, Instagram has kept the platform fresh with inventive new features that allow for a more creative, custom experience. Here are the features we never want to ‘Gram without…

1) Drafts

Instagram rolled out this feature to allow users to create and hold Instagram posts for future publishing. It’s great for preparing ideas that aren’t ready to hit the feed. We use it to plan ahead and save time when we need to post and engage quickly. For IG users who are more artistic, you can use this feature to check the layout/consistency of your grid.

2) Saved Posts

Ever stumble across a photo that was inspiring, informative, or extra memorable? Save it for reference later! Instagram’s saved post feature is a great personal and professional resource. At BW, we like to queue up relevant posts to eventually re-share or mark content that we admire to spark a new idea. Other uses we’ve heard of: bookmarking a great place to eat, saving a photo for fashion inspiration, noting a cool location you want to eventually scope out and Instagram for yourself, etc.

3) Uploading Pics from Gallery to Instagram Stories

Have you ever felt conflicted whether to take a “real” photo or video or capture the content via a platform for immediate publish? Fret no more. You can upload media directly from your phone gallery to Instagram Stories. That way you still have the original to use for other purposes and still upload great content to your story that you may not have originally been able to do. 

4) Sending Posts Directly

This private feature serves an array of purposes for sharing an Instagram photo or video with another Instagram user, as explained here. We like this feature for its simplicity and effectiveness in sending information and engaging quickly- sans screenshots.

5) Boomerang

WHO DOESN’T LOVE GIFS? And the lure of being able to make and create your own custom gif is so addictive. Instagram allows users to post Boomerangs on an Instagram feed or story. BW loves Boomerang because it adds variety to content, elicits more engagement, and sends a more memorable message. Get on the Boomerang train.

We applaud Instagram for keeping the platform fresh and fun by consistently rolling out new features. We didn’t mention all our favorites, but here are a few that deserve an honorable mention:

Hiding Instagram Stories

If for whatever reason you want to hide your story from a select few, you can. Instagram breaks it down on their blog here. Once in the settings, you can individually hide your story content from followers before publishing. Though we don’t use this, we hold the right to admire this option.  

Managing Instagram Filters

Did you know that there are 40 Instagram filters? That’s a really wide variety, which is why being able to manage your favorites is super helpful. Sprout Social advises how to here. This is an effective way to keep and give your Instagram a consistent look while saving you the time of scrolling through all 40 options.  

UNsend Direct Messages

That’s right, you can right click on a sent message and it DELETE IT… at least from the conversation; the only catch? If the person has already seen it, the damage might already be done! Special note: use messages wisely and double check things for spelling, positivity before you send them.

Let’s hear from YOU. What are your favorite Instagram features? Find us on social to let us know: @bwsocialco.

Visit us next week for another edition of The Wednesday Social and if you have any specific requests on what we should talk about, email us!

The Wednesday Social: Instagram vs. Snapchat

Well hello, Wednesday!


Welcome to this week’s social, where we’ll discuss big things happening in the social media space…
Let’s talk about what everyone else is talking about, and what we can’t stop thinking about: where should you be spending your energy? Snapchat or Instagram? With the launch of Instagram stories, the conversation has been interesting and has many sides. Do I re-commit to Instagram or should I stick with where I really want to be (Snapchat)?
First off, click here to see both apps side-by-side.
Our quick list of Pro’s + Cons of each….

Wake up

Instagram Pros:

  1. You already have a captive audience on Instagram
  2. You can post content that will stay, 60 second/better designed videos, for example
  3. You can plan ahead and market yourself/your brand

Instagram Cons:

  1. It can be very time-consuming to plan for instagram
  2. FB (who owns insta) is slowing transforming instagram into a FB look-a-like. Algorithms and business profiles… sound familiar? Pretty soon, the platform will be pay-to-play just like FB. If you haven’t changed your profile to a business profile yet, we recommend you don’t
  3. Is it just us or are there too many bots to deal? But then again, why cultivate an authentic audience when you can buy followers? JK — hit us up if you want to learn some grassroots ways to connect + grow using social media

Snapchat Pros:

  1. It’s live, it’s fun, it’s real
  2. HAVE YOU EVEN SEEN THE BEE FILTER? You can even submit customized filters for events or to have fun with your brand
  3. No ads, and you can totally ignore the brands on there if you want

*Honorable mention: BITMOJI’s!
Snapchat Cons:

  1. It’s new and you might not have very many followers there yet; it’s hard to find people if you don’t have their username
  2. How do you connect with people you don’t know? It’s tough
  3. Content is gone in no time. “Memories” are cool, but they’re sort of a pain to get to and only you can see them

Other takes on this topic:

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Who wins in our book? People were really upset about all the sponsored posts popping up in their feeds on Instagram; the stories application seems to have won many of those who have been disengaged back over. But really, will it be enough? We think as more and more ads come up, snapchat may slowly win the race. Why? Snapchat didn’t “sell out” to Facebook like Instagram and we’d LOVE to see someone truly compete in a way that keeps social media truly social, authentic and organic.
Outside of our personal interests, what we’ve learned from using social media marketing to support events, content, classes, brands, and well, everything… is that people want to have have an organic and authentic connection with their friends and favorite brands. Brands who can connect with people in real-time unique ways are the ones to have a lasting impact.
DISCUSS: Which app are you siding with and why? What do you think snapchat’s next move should/will be? What’s missing from all social media apps for YOU? Do you think there will be a new app to come out and fill the gap?
We want to hear from you! Leave us a comment here or find us on the interwebs: @bwsocialco. See ya next week for another installment of The Wednesday Social and if you have any specific requests on what we should talk about, email us!

All the Instagram changes…

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but Instagram is changing. Everyone is freaking out. Here’s the thing. If you’re not marketing on Instagram, you may not have noticed a difference in your feed, likes, comments, etc. If you’re marketing, you’ve probably already noticed some major changes with elevating stress levels to match.


Instead of reinventing the wheel, we’ve collected some links re: the changes. Here are some tips…


Don’t turn on post notifications: “If your favorite musician shares a video from last night’s concert, it will be waiting for you when you wake up, no matter how many accounts you follow or what time zone you live in. And when your best friend posts a photo of her new puppy , you won’t miss it.” – The Guardian


Post good content: “In the long run, a better way to ensure that your posts still get seen is to work with Instagram’s algorithm rather than against it, and convince it that people want to see and engage with your posts.” – Mirror


Engage with the brands you like most: “But you may see more of an account if you interact often with it. If you like every one of your friend’s photos of her cat, you would more likely see her photos, even if they were posted many hours before you logged in.” – New York Times


Forget time: “Adopting an algorithmic feed will likely alter the ethos of the social network, turning it from a simple chronological list of experiences your friends are having to an implicitly ranked array of content.” – The Atlantic


Use hashtags: Find the right ones and engage external and relevant communities. “It is time consuming but think of it as an investment for you or your brand that could potentially help you establish an engaged Instagram community of like minded users” – Instafamed


Other Instagram news:


60 second videos and multi-clip capabilities are rolling out.

For users: make them awesome.

For marketers: use them wisely and put out great content. There’s no more room for lack of strategy.

Instagram Ads 

For users: they may be annoying, but there ARE some great promo deals that pop up. I don’t love seeing them (every other 3rd post) but I have found out about some cool companies.

For marketers: The ad market is far from saturated. Use power editor in FB to buy an IG ad and test it out. Create something that’s engaging, special, and trackable. Make sure it’s authentic and fits right into the user’s feed.

Add Accounts

For users: You can manage up to 5 accounts! I’m sure you’ve noticed your friends pets getting accounts and everyone’s brother is now a photography expert with their easy access to multi-account management.

For marketers: SIGH. You made it this far without any help managing multiple instagram accounts. Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back. I know, I know, it ONLY let’s you manage 5 accounts, but at least it’s a step forward, right? The best part (for us) is that you can receive notifications on all of the 5 accounts you’re signed into, so you can keep tabs on the success rate of a recent post easier.


Algorithms, ads and more, oh my. Eventually, Instagram will be pay to play just like its big brother Facebook… so what app is next? Tell us in the comments if you’ve found a great (and free) one that might be a contender; we’d love to check it out!


Find us on the instawebs: @bwsocialco