What’s a Black Wednesday?

Black Wednesday Social Co. is a boutique marketing company based out of Charlotte, North Carolina that specializes in showcasing the human element. Through our brand personification services, we custom build marketing strategies that are tailored to fit your every need. Our goal is to help you share the living, breathing human passion behind exactly what it is that gets you up in the morning (besides coffee). Because yes, we’re big fans of coffee: but we are even bigger fans of the conversations that happen over a cup of coffee. By connecting out in the world, and sharing our experiences through new and emerging platforms and grassroots efforts, the human experience has entered into a new era of enrichment. We live in a time with the infinite potential for multi-faceted and community-oriented interactions: and we know that can seem daunting at times. But not to us.

At BW, we don’t just dive into our client’s brand story, we straight-up cannon ball. We think that by providing opportunities for human connection, marketing can be both truly impactful and (dare we say it) fun. And we aren’t just talk: because as a company we wholeheartedly believe in connecting our clients to the larger conversations in their community. With us as your guide, you can confidently build your member network and grow alongside other dynamic and honest brands who have found success through our services.

Whether it’s social media, event marketing, or brand services, if you care about it, we want to help you amplify your impact. So now let’s really connect: contact us today and let’s have a conversation about your next conversation.

Hi! I’m Corri, the owner of Black Wednesday. I started BW to help businesses connect with their audiences in personal and meaningful ways. In my spare time I co-host a monthly meet-up called #instabeerupclt. I also serve on the Social Media CLT board and as co-CEO of Trophies Are For Winners. You can find me on social @corriasmith

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