#ITSREALLYMECLT: Amie Kiehn, Astasia Williams and Courtney Rivera

Meet Amie Kiehn, Astasia Williams and Courtney Rivera, Panthers’ Social Media Team.

Meet Amie Kiehn, Astasia Williams and Courtney Rivera, Panthers’ Social Media Team.

Instagram Handle:


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What’s the purpose of your brand?

Tell the stories of our players and fan base.

How long have you worked with/on your current brand?

1-3 years 

How many people are on your team?


How do you adapt your account to popular/trending themes?

We live on Twitter to constantly see what’s the chatter about. Astasia is a quick on the Twitter draw and has a great eye for what’s taking off so that we can turnaround and execute.

Have you ever made a reply on social media that had to go through multiple approvals? Tell us about it…

Working in partnership with a brand, we try to insure the content that we create and produce is aligned with the overall social vision (Is it fun? Is it on brand? What could the potential push back be? Does this inspire or hype the fans up?)

Tell us about the craziest mention you have ever received or conversation you’ve been pulled into…

What is the post you are most proud of?

What do you wish people knew about your role/account/brand?

We really love talking to our fans (even those who aren’t fans), to let people know we’re paying attention.

Working in sports social means you’re pretty much ALWAYS on. It’s addicting in a really fun way but we both can’t remember the last time we went to the movies or took a vacation where we didn’t have a player trade or something that needed immediate attention. Phones are always charging to make sure we don’t miss a beat. Pretty sure we have like ten USB cords in our bags because dead phones have never caused such anxiety. #AlwaysBeCharging

Whose social media do you admire? (locally or nationally)

Cleveland Browns, Will Smith’s Instagram, All Birds (shoes), Nike, Fenty Beauty, Sephora and the Chicago Bulls. Locally: Camp Northend, Lenny Boy, Fahrenheitclt and Davita Galloway’s Dupp and Swat.

Anything else to share?

Our mission is to have fun on social and we hope fans feel that energy come across. We love when fans comment and reply to tweets or IG posts so keep it up… but know if you’re salty or coming for our QB we will reply 😉