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#13ShadesofBlack: Meet Lauren of Cut From The Same Cloth

Lauren Remesi, Cut From The Same Cloth


I’m Lauren, the incognito face (and hands) behind Cut From The Same Cloth. CFSC is a women’s clothing brand based here in NC (Concord). In a world crazed by fast fashion, we are what we like to call slow fashion. Everything is thought out, sketched, drafted, cut and sewn in our studio.


As a small child, I spent most of my time carefully curating Barbie outfits. Not much has changed, just now with people. Like most involved in fashion, I view clothing and the way we dress more as an art form than anything else. It very much expresses who we are or a mood we are in, and sometimes an image we want to portray.


“Why be boring and blend in when you can stand out and be different?” This is a motto I bear in mind when creating. I have never been a person to conform or be the norm. I have always gravitated and sought out the exact opposite. If everyone wore pink, I wore black (wink). I embody this way of life in my clothing because that’s who the typical CFSC girl is, essentially.


Cut From The Same Cloth was born in 2011 creating custom pieces for private clients. We got the customer involved with the design process, from sketch to final fit. Over the past few years we have evolved into creating small seasonal collections, while also collaborating with boutiques.


You can find CFSC at www.cutfromsamecloth.com. And the party doesn’t stop there. Come hang out with us for behind the scenes and inspiration on Instagram @cutfromsamecloth. If you are a brand or boutique looking to collaborate, email me: lauren@cutfromsamecloth.com.


– Lauren


Photos by Katherine-Kirchner.

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