Meet the BW Crew!

You may find yourself wondering, “what’s a Black Wednesday?” It’s a name that has a little bit of mystery and a lot of edge… but more than anything, it’s a conversation starter. Read more about what we do here.


Behind the conversation and the coffee there’s a team…


Meet ME Corri Smith AKA the #bosslady. BW is all about finding your voice and getting in on the conversation. I started the company to help businesses get the word out about their passions/brand. I wear lots of black, have an obsession with the word #rad and love #CLT. I am so happy to have you follow along on all our #bwsocialco adventures and I hope you’ll join in on the good times.



Next up… the interns!



Meet Jules Staley! She’s a Carolina Belle studying PR/communications UNC Charlotte and interning hard for #bwsocialco! When she finds free time she’s hanging at Moochies, planning a trip to Norway and doing back flips at Defy Gravity Charlotte. Do the right thing and give her a follow on Instagram/Twitter. Who knows, you might just become good friends who sit around and eat queso all day.


Meet Alyssa Fronk! She’s a Wilmington native studying journalism UNC Charlotte and killing her #bwsocialco internship! In her spare time she works on the Niner Times, stalks the Panthers and interrupts photo shoots with phone calls. She’s awesome, you should follow her on Instagram/Twitter.


Join in with our weekly #cyoWEDventure meet up series and follow along as we compete in interns wars with Enemy to Fashion!


Sign up for our Black List (don’t worry, we only email you about the good stuff).

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