#ItsReallyMeCLT: Chris Ozment

Meet Chris Ozment, Regional Director of Marketing, Live Nation Concerts

Meet Chris Ozment, Regional Director of Marketing for Live Nation Concerts, and his team! The team behind Fillmore NC’s social media channels from left – Chris Ozment (@chrszmnt), Patrick Scott (@patrickscott16), and Karle Dunbar (@karlel0gan). 

Tell us about your team:

I’m a Detroit native that has lived in CLT for 7 years. I do comedy sometimes, DJ sometimes, enjoy kombucha and non-hot yoga. Pat moved from Louisville around 2 years ago. He’s got a cool dog named Rufio. Karle is our brand new marketing coordinator. She just moved here from Florida to learn the ropes and show me what the kids are doing.

Instagram Handle:


Twitter Handle:





The Fillmore

What’s the purpose of your brand?

We sell concert tickets, try to post about cool shit around town, do cool stuff, etc. 

How long have you worked with/on your current brand?

5+ years

How many people are on your team?


How do you adapt your account to popular/trending themes?

We try to watch for new emerging ideas and steal them as quickly as possible. There is some googling involved. Some internal conversations. . .

Tell us about the craziest mention you have ever received or conversation you’ve been pulled into…

The first big-name retweet I remember getting was from Willie Nelson. That was pretty epic. So many since then…

What do you wish people knew about your role/account/brand?

We’re just 3 weirdos that run around Charlotte. We love music the most.

Whose social media do you admire? (locally or nationally)

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, North West, Chicago West, Saint West

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