#ItsReallyMeCLT: Vica, Adam, Megan, and Kathryn

Meet Vica, Adam, Kathryn, and Megan, South End CLT’s Social Media Team

Meet the team behind South End CLT : Vica Bondurant, Adam Rhew, Kathryn Menzie, and Megan Gude. 

Tell us about the team:

Kathryn Menzie (@kp_menzies) is Center City Partners’ social media coordinator. She manages the @SouthEndCLT and @Uptown.CLT handles. She is also an awesome blogger here in Charlotte! Follow her for tips about the latest trends.

Megan Gude (@megangude) is the Director of Historic South End. She is an urban planner extraordinaire and has helped shape South End into what it is today. You won’t find anyone more passionate about making South End an amazing place to live, work and play than Megan.

Adam Rhew (@adam.rhew) is the Director of Communications. He’s a jack of all trades and works on everything from press releases to editorial calendars. He’s also an incredible writer and helps us tell better stories about our neighborhoods. Luckily, he is still writing freelance pieces in Charlotte – check out his restaurant reviews and definitely take his recos!

Vica Bondurant (@vicabondo) is the Director of Marketing. She’s a self-proclaimed marketing nerd whose enthusiasm and energy for great urban places shines through all of the organization’s content.

Instagram Handle:


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South End CLT

What’s the purpose of your brand?

To share the stories of a vibrant and evolving neighborhood in a way that allows people to better connect with this part of our city – South End.  

How long have you worked with/on your current brand?

Each person on the team has a different tenure from 2months to 2 years.

How many people are on your team?


How do you adapt your account to popular/trending themes?

We try to strike a balance of what people already know about South End (dogs and beer) and what we want to remind them about that makes South End unique – local businesses, creativity around every corner, incredible art and more.

Have you ever made a reply on social media that had to go through multiple approvals? Tell us about it… 

We have a great system of checks and balances. We all work together for posts, replies and such in order to make sure what we post is on brand and engaging.

What is the post you are most proud of?

What do you wish people knew about your role/account/brand?

Two things:

1. We want to make info about South End super easy to find and really fun to interact with. The post we’re most proud of isn’t at all. It’s a screen shot of our profile because we’ve integrated LinkTree into our bio to help our followers find and read South End stories more easily. We’ve also started to use Highlights more to showcase all the great things. We try to use our social handles to tell an array of stories about the people and businesses that make this place awesome! Highlights and LinkTree are new ways we have been experimenting with to get beyond the post and deeper into the story.

2. We love when people tag us in their South End photos! We want to highlight our neighbors and what makes South End special.We encourage everyone to tag @southendclt when they’re out and about as we love to highlight user generated content in both our feed and stories. We try to stick to our brand pillars of “shopping, bites + brews, arts + craft, neighbors (both human and not), hidden gems, happenings (events) and move it (fitness/transportation)” for our photos. If people tag us in things that fall under those categories, we save them and try to fit them into our social media calendar. People might see their photos with a cred in our feed!

Whose social media do you admire? (locally or nationally)

So many! 

@railtrailclt – We love the Rail Trail

@neilshea13 – Outstanding story telling and photos

@GirlTribeCo – For engagement being true to life

@NotJustCoffee – Beauty, brand and afternoon caffeine fix

@LincolnsHaberdashery – Food photography and owning their weirdness

@CraftGrowlerShop – Cheese boards

@CampNorthEnd – Varian helped get the South End CLT social handles launched

Anything else to share?

Check out the blog on our website. We actively curate and create South End stories like guides to exploring the neighborhood or the story behind public art you see every day and everything in between. The link is in our bio and we encourage everyone to explore. If anyone has ideas for stories, they can always DM us – we can’t promise we’ll get to every idea, but if certain themes keep popping up, you will likely see it in a post!

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