#ItsReallyMeCLT: Allie Papajohn

Meet Allie Papajohn, The Face Behind Eat, Drink, CLT 

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Eat Drink CLT 

What’s the purpose of your brand?

To show the best eats and drinks in Charlotte (and beyond).

How long have you worked with/on your current brand?

3-5 years

How many people are on your team?

1 (me!) 

How do you adapt your account to popular/trending themes?

Luckily, food doesn’t seem to be going out of style, so I don’t have to worry about this as much as some brands. However, I do recognize that colorful, close-up shots of guilty pleasures (burgers, pizza, ice cream, etc.) perform really well. So I try to seek out and post these dishes as often as possible (plus, those are some of my fave foods). I’ve also started taking more video and incorporating these action shots into my posts and stories.

Tell us about the craziest mention you have ever received or conversation you’ve been pulled into…

The comments on Eat Drink CLT generally stay very positive. I did have one guy who tried to talk smack about my favorite Vietnamese restaurant on two separate posts. I couldn’t help but reply to 1. correct him and 2. tell him I’m sorry he felt that way. And I left it at that!

What is the post you are most proud of?

Making pizza with Chef Wolfgang Puck!

What do you wish people knew about your role/account/brand?

I run Eat Drink CLT alone, and I don’t do this full time! I have an 8 – 5 job and squeeze Eat Drink CLT in on early mornings, lunch breaks, weeknights, and weekends. It keeps me super busy, but I love it.

Whose social media do you admire? (locally or nationally)

@devourpower — absolutely love their content. Also, DREAM JOB!

Anything else to share?

I’m super thankful for the opportunities Eat Drink CLT has given me (ex: making pizza with Wolfgang Puck!) and the people it has allowed me to meet. We have an awesome food community here in CLT, and I’m happy to be a part of it.

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