#CLTInspreneurs: Catie Starr

Meet Catie, makeup artist and hair stylist 

Meet Catie, a production and advertising makeup artist and hair stylist.


Catie Starr Makeup


I’ve been doing production makeup and hair since 2002 but officially started my company in 2008. I get people looking their best to be on camera.

What is a typical day like for you?

My day starts early- I usually have to leave my house around 6am, call time is often 7am. The beginning of the day is always insanely busy for me. When I arrive at set, I grab a coffee, unpack, get my kit set up and organized. I find the director, client, creative director and discuss thoughts for how the talent should look. I’m often in charge of wardrobe as well- I pick from clothing options and get everything steamed and prepared for camera. When the talent arrives, I do their initial makeup and hair, get them dressed and then send them on set. From there my day consists of making adjustments, communicating with the crew and client, and getting more talent ready if we have a staggered schedule. We usually wrap for the day around 5. When I get home I am usually pretty smoked and in bed by 8:00pm.

Favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

I love knowing that I have built something myself- there is a lot of risk in doing your own thing and I thrive on that.

Least favorite?

I can’t say no to work. I will always take on another project even when I am absolutely exhausted. I hate planning personal things in advance- I often cancel because a project will come up. Sorry friends.

What did you do before you went out on your own?

I’ve always been on my own in some capacity. I’ve worked in salons through the years for some extra money- but it was always a reminder that I should be doing my own thing.

Why did you pick Charlotte as the home of your business?

This is my second time living in CLT. The first time I moved here was from San Francisco. I wanted to move to a place on the east coast that had affordable living, great weather and an easy access airport. I left for a few years (Savannah, Hudson Valley), but was called back to Charlotte.

What inspired you to go out on your own?

It’s something I have always known I wanted to do. And I’m bad at having a traditional boss. Authority probs.

What do you do when you’re not working?

During the week I just eat and sleep. If I have time during weekends, I like to ride my bicycle, go to Lenny Boy and eat delicious food with my favorite people.

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being out on your own?

The people that succeed are the ones that refuse to give up. Being a stubborn ass really benefited me here.

Talk about a time you failed big time and what you did next.

I’ve had lots of “oh shit” situations over the years. They make good stories over bourbon.

Who do you look up to or look to for inspiration/advice? 

I have a few go to people- Corri Smith for one. It’s invaluable to be close with another female business owner in CLT. John Allred from Wheelhouse Media is my go to for advice in the production world, he doesn’t bullshit me, which is exactly what I need. Also my boyfriend, Brian. He’s the unsung hero of my life and constant calmer to my worry brain.

What’s your motto, or some words you live by? 

Don’t be a dick.

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Be prepared to work, worry and stress so much more than you imagined. But it’s completely worth it.

Where can people stalk ya?

Insta: @catiestarr

What’s your “power color”?

Dark blue

A Note from BW on Catie Starr…

We chose Catie to represent the BEAUTY space. We know what it’s like to live behind the camera and for our work to play out as a showcase of someone else and often without gratitude. Catie spends her days bringing out the best in others and we wanted to feature the magician behind the faces, hair and makeup products. She is extremely hardworking, very strategic about her brand and is ALWAYS willing to help lift others up, whether through advice, support or education.

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