#CLTInspreneurs: Landon Cassill

Meet Landon, driver for Front Row Motorsports 

Meet Landon, a young NASCAR driver with a lot of experience at the highest level.


Front Row Motorsports


I’ve been driving for over 20 years, professionally for 10. I’ve been able to adapt to the changing landscape of social media and the technology advancement of our cars over the past 5 years to keep myself relevant on and off the track.

What is a typical day like for you?

During the week, we aren’t allowed to practice our cars, so I meet with my engineering team to discuss our upcoming races and strategize the car setup. I also train, focusing mostly on endurance. In a 500 mile race, my body experiences a very similar aerobic load as a full marathon.

Favorite part about being an entrepreneur?

My potential accomplishments and earnings always seem endless, it’s just up to me to get there. I don’t feel like there is a ceiling limiting me from my dreams.

Least favorite?

Racing is very hard, and very very competitive. It also takes a lot of money and corporate sponsorship to compete at the highest level.

What did you do before you went out on your own?

I became a professional driver straight out of high school.

Why did you pick Charlotte as the home of your business?

The entire NASCAR industry is based out of Charlotte.

What inspired you to go out on your own?

It was the only way to make it

What do you do when you’re not working?

Spend time with my family, train for IRONMAN triathlons

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned from being out on your own?

Nobody looks out for your best interests as good as you do

Talk about a time you failed big time and what you did next.

In 2010 I found myself without a driving job, and no attractive prospects. I started taking some of the less attractive opportunities, and turned them into much more successful teams because of my performance. This built my reputation and helped me build a long term place in the sport

Who do you look up to or look to for inspiration/advice? 

My Dad

What’s your motto, or some words you live by? 

Can’t never did anything

What advice would you offer to someone who wants to be an entrepreneur?

Go for it, but don’t expect any days off.

Where can people stalk ya?


What’s your “power color”?

Black is a good power color!

A Note from BW on Landon Cassill…

We chose Landon to represent the PERSONAL BRAND space. We have no idea what it’s like to be famous, but Landon crushes it. He is down to earth, super friendly, interesting, and, we have to say it… a riot on social media. He is a pioneering personality there and engages with everyone who comments or tweets at him with, quite possibly, the greatest sense of humor. The ongoing conversation surrounding finding Landon Cassill at one of his sponsor’s locations (Loves travel station) was truly epic. Please see some of our favorite tweets below…

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