Notice something different? Maybe it’s magic.

Really, we’re still the same and we’re doing the same work. BUT, it was time for a change. Why?

For almost 3 years (what!) we’ve helped different sized businesses develop unique and creative grassroots marketing programs that include social media, events, PR, consultancy, email, etc.


We truly believe there are so many ingredients that participate in a brand’s marketing plan that all come together to create one cohesive platform. You need the story, you need the partnerships, you need philanthropy, you need social media and email, you need ads, and you need parties; you need to invite people to your place and you need to come out to where they are too.

Until now, we’ve focused on all of that… but somehow, because our name included the word, “social,” people started to only think of us as a social media company. Don’t you dare get us wrong: we LOVE social media. We love the way it can help brands live and breathe like human beings. We love that it allows brands to create real relationships, authentically connecting them to their community, followers and the broader universe. It’s seriously unbelievable how social media can serve a brand.

But we don’t believe you can only have social media. You just can’t. People still want to shake an owner’s hand, and meet the maker, and share the same space, and read about them in the news… and we can help facilitate that.

Long story short, we do a lot. And a lot of it is social media-oriented, but a lot of it is about more. We’re writing, we’re storytelling, we’re connecting, we’re pitching, we’re building marketing partnerships, we’re hosting influencer events… and we’re picking up the balloons on the way.

There’s so much that goes into supporting our clients.

It’s more than social. It’s Black Wednesday.

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