#BWLuckyDog: Sahara

Meet Sahara!

Our #BWLuckyDog this week is Sahara, from Greater Charlotte SPCA!

Meet this week’s pup! Sahara from Greater Charlotte SPCA: Sahara is a 12 week old black beauty with a white chest. She’s a boxer, terrier mix with possible lab. Sahara has been potty trained for at least 3 weeks and no accidents (good girl!).  She hasn’t met a stranger! Her sweet demeanor and young spirit lets her play well with other dogs and cats, and does well with children of all ages. Sahara can also settle down and play by herself chewing a bone or a squeaky toy. As much as she loves walks, she is also down for some cuddles.

For more information on or a chance to meet Sahara, please email Greater Charlotte SPCA at daniellew@charlottespca.org.

As an adopter of Sahara (or any one of our other #BWLuckyDog’s), you’ll also receive a special “Welcome Home” package including…

$30 of dog walking credit from @thewagglecompany

$35 in services @spayneutercharlotte 

$100 off a @keendogtraining package

A dog wash from @thedogsalon 

$35 in services from @vetwerx

A custom flag from @flagology

…And more!

Contact Greater Charlotte SPCA now to get more info on this cute girl!

Follow the campaign on BW’s social channels, help us spread the word and get these babes into wonderful homes…

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