#BWLuckyDog: Ziggy

Meet Ziggy!

Our #BWLuckyDog this week is Ziggy, from Halfway There Rescue!

Learn about Ziggy through his own point of view:

Hi! My name is Ziggy! I’m about 10 months old. It’s hard to tell what breeds I might be by looking at me, but I’m super handsome. I currently weigh 40 lbs and am going to be a medium sized dog. I was adopted when I was a tiny puppy, but my adopters decided I was too big and energetic so returned me last week. I didn’t do anything wrong. I am a super sweet and a smart puppy, but they didn’t provide me with the type of exercise and stimulation I need to be calm, therefore found me hyper and hard to handle around their small children. My foster mom says I’m a really good boy, I just have a lot of energy!

Once I’ve been for a walk and played with I love to chill out and lay in a lap. I saw a cat yesterday and excitement got the best of me. I really wanted to chase it, so my foster mom thinks I would do best in a home without kitties, even though I most just want to chase and not hurt them. I’m super affectionate with my foster mom and follow her all over the place. I’m quickly learning that new places aren’t so scary by going out on adventures with my foster brother and sister. I was pretty scared of the car at first, but my foster siblings are showing me that car rides mean going to fun places, (even grouchy sister loves to ride in the car so maybe it’s not so bad), and I relax a little more everyday!

My foster mom has also introduced me to this new thing called a crate. There’s lots of good toys and things to chew in there, but I’m still a little anxious about going in. Once in, I will lay down quietly though and wait until I’m let out. I’ll get used to it soon and will learn to think of it as my own little den. I’m proud to say I’m fully housebroken and whine to let my foster mom know when I need to go out. I also haven’t chewed on anything I’m not supposed to, so I may not need to be in a crate too much.

I would love to live with a person or family who is very active. I love to walk and my foster mom is pretty sure I would also love to go jogging, running, rollerblading or even biking with my human.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my story. If you think you have the room in your heart to give me the forever home I deserve, please consider adopting me! I would love nothing more than to be your jogging buddy and best friend, and I promise I’m a really good boy. I just need to be given a second chance by the right person or family!


For more information on or a chance to meet Ziggy, please e-mail Halfway There Rescue at halfwaythererescue@gmail.com.


As an adopter of Ziggy (or any one of our other #BWLuckyDog’s), you’ll also receive a special “Welcome Home” package including…


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…And more!

Contact Halfway There Rescue now to get more info on this cute boy!

Follow the campaign on BW’s social channels, help us spread the word and get these babes into wonderful homes…

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