#BWLuckyDog: Repa

Meet Repa!

Our fourth #BWLuckyDog is Repa, from Long Trails to Happy Tails Rescue!

Repa was found in the backseat of a repossessed car. The car she was in was towed to the lot, and left for THREE days before any pictures were taken of the car. When they opened the back door, they found Repa sitting there on the seat. She is truly a miracle too, because she was left in the car during days that the temperature was above 75 degrees each day. Repa is almost 4 months old, crate and potty trained, and she’s learning basic commands. Repa loves dogs, cats, and kids of all shapes and sizes, and is just a great girl! She is truly our miracle baby, and we couldn’t be happier to feature her story through your campaign!

For more information on or a chance to meet Repa, please email Long Trails to Happy Tails Rescue at longtrailshappytails@gmail.com.

As an adopter of Gidget (or any one of our other #BWLuckyDog’s), you’ll also receive a special “Welcome Home” package including…

$30 of dog walking credit from @thewagglecompany

$35 in services @spayneutercharlotte 

$100 off a @keendogtraining package

A dog wash from @thedogsalon 

$35 in services from @vetwerx

A custom flag from @flagology

…And more!

Contact Long Trails to Happy Tails now to get more info on this cute girl!

Follow the campaign on BW’s social channels, help us spread the word and get these babes into wonderful homes…

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