The tale of a ripped skirt, ugly crying, and a beautiful brunch at La Belle Helene

By Bri S.

October 22, 2018

How do I even begin this post?  Yesterday was SOMETHING else.  I can’t help but laugh about it now, but I really was an extra drama queen. Ladies, we can be so ridiculous for absolutely no reason.  I went back and forth on whether or not I was going to mention the entire story on here, but I hope some of you can relate.  This blog has been something I’ve wanted to do for years and I finally took the plunge a few weeks back as you all know.  Something you also may not know about me is that I am a perfectionist.  I get an image in my mind of how things are going to go and I expect it to go that way.  If it doesn’t, I am SO hard on myself and tend to take it out on the ones closest to me (ahem, my boyfriend).

Let me paint this picture for you…

Yesterday, I had reservations for brunch at the new and beautiful restaurant called La Belle Helene.  La Belle Helene offers authentic French cuisine in the heart of Uptown Charlotte. They have been open for about 7 weeks and I have had several friends (as well as La Belle Helene themselves) tell me to give it a try.  I made reservations online for 1pm and just knew everything was going to go well.  Silly me, right? I am a walking hazard, guys.  You will learn that soon enough!  We get in the car from Ballantyne where we live and make the gorgeous drive to Uptown.  The weather was perfect yesterday and we decided to take a long route that is much prettier than driving on the interstate.  We had plenty of time.  However, traffic got a little congested and we ended up barely getting there on time.  This stresses me out to no end as I hate being late!  Not to mention, this blog means a lot to me and I can’t be late for a reservation for a place that suggested I stop in and check them out, right?  RIGHT.  This is how my mind operates and I was already getting tight in the chest.  We park in a parking deck only to find out that my two girlfriends are at the restaurant and I forgot to make the reservation for 4 rather than 2.  Oh my god, this is great. All I can think about is, “this restaurant is going to regret having me here!”  I’m going to be on their “Do not serve” sign if I keep this up!  THANKFULLY, the team at La Belle Helene made it happen and I am so appreciative.  Seriously, thank you from the idiot that can’t count properly.  My nerves are already shot, but I’m trying to put it behind me and get to the restaurant quickly. I fling the car door open, go to step out, and…
RIP my brand new leather skirt.  The slit was in the center of the skirt and I just made this slit about 5 centimeters from being inappropriate.  This is great.
Queue the violins because I straight up lost it.  I ugly cried in the car and would have scared a small child with the amount of mascara running down my face (why do I not buy waterproof?!)  In fact, I’m pretty positive I scared my boyfriend who sat in the car not knowing what to say to me or do!  Poor Kevin.  Anyway, I try to straighten myself up and find out I brought no makeup with me (of course).  I have a tube of lip gloss to my name.  I wipe off what I can of the mascara, put on some shades, and hope to goodness that my skirt can make it through this brunch without splitting in half.
La Belle Helene saved the day by providing a wonderful brunch.
Check their website out here: La Belle Helene
I walked in looking disheveled (I probably looked like a non bald version of 2007 Britney Spears) but was quickly taken to our table that was perfectly placed by the window with a view.
How gorgeous is this place?
Brunch started with mimosas, bellinis, and screwdrivers.  Clearly, I needed as much alcohol as possible to calm myself down, ha!  Drinks were delicious and our waitress did a wonderful job at explaining their menu.  Brunch at La Belle Helene is a newer venture for them, but it did not disappoint.  I think I’ll let the pictures do the talking on that note.
It was as tasty as it is beautiful!  I also have to brag on their team here a bit more.  I ordered the Avocado Toast and the manager came up to tell me she was having it remade as it did not look the way she wanted it to be presented.  She got us another round of drinks and then surprised us with a creme brulee at the end of our meal for the very minor delay! Thank you, La Belle Helene for turning my ridiculous day around and providing a wonderful experience.  I will be back for lunch and dinner!
By the way, the skirt held on for dear life and made it through.  That was a close one.