GREENSBORO — On a recent afternoon, Kaya Jackson stopped into Vitality Bowls for a bowl to go.

“I love that I can conveniently go out somewhere and eat healthy or just looking for a quick pick-me-up to feel good,” Jackson said.

Vitality Bowls specializes in bowls of touted superfoods like acai, graviola, acerola and pitaya. The shop is just one of several fast-casual healthy food chains specializing in salads, bowls and other healthy options to open locations in Greensboro in the past couple of years. Others include Grabbagreen, Zoe’s Kitchen, Flame Broiler, Corelife Eatery, and Chopt Creative Salad Co. — many of which are based along the West Coast where all healthy trends seem to originate.

“I think it’s just a progression of good, healthy organic eating that is moving across to the East Coast,” said Janet Mazzurco as she plunged her plastic spoon into a Detox Bowl of chilled pureed acai, almond milk and kale.