Johnny Fly Co., the makers of eco-friendly and sustainable eyewear and leather bags, is about to open their first brick and mortar retail store in the heart of NoDa.

To celebrate its opening, Johnny Fly will be throwing a launch party from 6:30 to 8 pm on July 19th followed by a free “Johnny Fly Co. Presents” concert at Neighborhood Theatre featuring local bands Millennial, Victoria Victoria, and Reaves.

The Johnny Fly Co. NoDa Store is located at 519 E. 36th Street, right next to NoDa’s iconic Neighborhood Theatre. The location is part of a historic building and as such, the goal was to bring back the industrial feel of its original state while styling with the modern and clean feel that the brand represents. The shop, approximately 800 square feet, will include similar elements to those used in the products, such as leather and wood, but will also have refreshing and bright white walls, ceiling & piping.

“My wife and I were both born and raised in Charlotte, the brand was started here and we really just love this city,” said John Freeman, Founder of Johnny Fly Co.. “We chose Charlotte for our first store because it’s a place we believe in and want to grow with. We hope everyone will be able to join our family now that we’ll have a space to invite them to.”

Johnny Fly Co. celebrates not only the opening of its first retail space, but also 5 years in operation. The brand is run locally by owners John and Tara Freeman. The two came together in 2012 when Tara came into the picture to help with branding. The duo has since become a team and with the support of a strong creative family, that has come to grow the brand into what it is today. The brand goods that are truly original. Johnny Fly Co. works tirelessly to source the best materials from around the world to create sustainable wooden eyewear and chemical free leather bags by using recycled cotton, ethically grown wood, and chromium free leather.

“I think it will really be a special space that will fit right into our unique neighborhood here,” said Tara Freeman.

You can check out their full product selection here and check out their store hours on