A night out on the town can range from being fun and chill to being an all-out rager, where you wake up missing a shoe. Whether you remember your night out or not, there are always a group of people who do—your bartenders. They see and hear everything.

They also want to make sure that you, your friends and other patrons have the best time possible. To ensure that you aren’t that guy or girl, here are some etiquette lessons from some of Charlotte’s favorite bartenders.


(6) Don’t be sloppy

“Something I know every bartender has experienced and has dreaded at some point … cutting people off,” said Amanda Britton, head bartender at Bardo Restaurant.

“I don’t know a single bartender who gets great joy out of cutting your guests off. We want to make sure all of our guests are enjoying themselves responsibly, but also protecting the guest, ourselves and the establishment. When a guest gets upset, it only makes the situation harder and, no doubt, we won’t get you another drink. So be cool. We’re just doing our job.”

(7) North Carolina is tripping

“I wish guests knew more about our outdated liquor laws,” Britton said. “While these laws make your bartenders’ lives more difficult, it may not be in a way that’s obvious to the guest. If you’re a passionate drinker and enjoy imbibing, ask your bartender what hurdles they have trying to grow their bar program and how you can help make some change. The more people that know, the louder our voices are.”

Marshall also wants to remind everyone about the law regarding last call in North Carolina, as “drinks cannot be served after 2 a.m.” While other states may not have the same law, it’s “2 a.m. and goodnight” in the state, including in the fair Queen City.