Madison Park emerged in the late 1950s as one of Charlotte’s first modern post-World War II neighborhoods. It was designed to cater to middle-class families and boasts sidewalks, a bike lane (on Seneca Road) and amazing proximity to hip hangouts on Montford and fun eateries at Park Road Shopping Center. The shopping center was developed in 1956, to become the first open air shopping center in the city.

With its rise as a hub for dining, shopping and adventuring in a quaint neighborhood setting, it’s little surprise that the Montford/Madison Park/Park Road Shopping Center neighborhood sphere won the popular vote for the 2018 Charlotte Neighborhood Bracket.

In honor of that win, we present to you the insider’s guide to Montford/Madison Park/Park Road Shopping Center. Here’s what you should eat, drink and do when you visit.


Chopt Creative Salad Co.

4125 Park Road

This sunny salad spot is overrun by veggie worshipers daily at lunchtime. At this fast-casual eatery, salads are made to order and you can watch the prep process and endless tossing of salad-topping add-ons, with the dance-like chopping of the salad saved for the very end.

Tip: Check out the rotating Destination Salads menu for far-away influences and meal inspiration.