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Choose Your Own WEDventure

One of Black Wednesday’s main goals is to help local businesses (and people) develop their brands online AND off. How do you do it? You refine skills within both platforms: digitally and #IRL (IRL stands for “in real life,” mom). In short, you work on a digital marketing and social media strategy to design messaging, how to best present your brand message, sort out what content you’re using and how/where/when to share it, etc.; you also work on networking and meeting people out in the real world to then strengthen the digital relationships and bring the conversation full circle.


That being said, we decided to create a meet up series that would take the online conversation offline in hopes of getting people together surrounding similar interests, whether they be by topic or by nature of wanting to get a little spontaneous.


Not sure about you, but as a kid I read and re-read the Choose Your Own Adventure books picking every string of options to see what all the events and endings were. Raise your hand if you did the same. Ok, maybe I’m the only nerd… Or maybe you’ve never heard of them? WHAT! Click here.


In the spirit of this surprise-inspired book series, BW is launching a 13 week meet up sequence. Each Monday we’ll pick a theme; we’ll post the theme to Instagram and you can comment with your vote for the best _________. On Tuesday night we’ll tally the votes and announce where we’re meeting on the following day, WEDNESDAY. **We’re starting small with #CLT, but hey, if some Raleigh or Asheville people want to chime in, we’ll make it happen. Maybe one day we’ll be eating the best sandwich in Vegas, we can fly (we have brooms).


Anyone who sees the announcement or hears about it is welcome to join in; the more the merrier. I’m really looking forward to seeing who wins each week… Have an idea for a one of the other 12 themes? Leave a comment in the blog comments section.


See you on the interwebs,


Black Wednesday.


PS: S/O to our friend Rebecca for helping us develop the name for the series! You need help with words? HIT HER UP.

13 #socialmedia things to look forward to in 2016

2016 is upon us. Are you ready for it? Take a look at our list of 13 things to look out for and consider for your social media strategy this year…


  1. Video! If you’re not using video in 2016, you’re not going to optimize what the latest trends in social have to offer. Try Periscope for a real-time video experience that is fun, engaging and authentic. Recently attained by Twitter, this platform is winning market share for this sort of platform; it makes sense to adopt this as a part of your strategy. But be careful: have a strategy. You don’t want to jump on before you have a plan and/or a storyline. This will make you look unprofessional and could damage the brand. Get on there silently and test it out; once you feel comfortable and have a plan of attack, tell your audience where they can find you!

  2. Schedule but hit it big with real time! Of course you want to schedule things so there is a consistent feed of content on your page. That makes perfect sense. But what else? Get real and post live stuff too. Showing that your brand is a living, breathing thing will speak volumes to your audience. PS: keep/make it relevant. If there’s something going on in real time that can be put into a real time connection, do it. If there’s NO tie, don’t force it and stategize for future connections. Need an example? See: the Panthers Drake / Cam Newton gif that went viral.

  3. Instagram has over 400 million active monthly users. Big companies have already been advertising, with a roll out to the rest of us (mere mortals) happening slowly since September. Are Instagram ads available for you? Email us and we can help you find out.

  4. Social isn’t everything. While it’s (in our opinion) the best way to engage with your audience and an extremely measurable format for marketing, it’s not the end-all-be-all. Weaving in traditional formats of advertising can help strengthen your overall message and reach.

  5. Keep it fresh. How strong is your content game? Do you have a plan? You should. You’re telling your story among so many other (competitive) brands. How will you stand out? Stay adaptive to the social landscape and keep it authentic.

  6. Buyable pins. Yep, you can make your Pinterest pins “buyable,” and promote what you’re selling alongside the inspired lifestyle of those spending hours upon hours researching, studying and learning on this powerful platform.

  7. If you’re in social media, you know how hard it is to provide statistics and ROI to your client/employer. BUT, with all the tools out there, there’s no excuse. Step up your game and start looking for tools that will help you manage the goods. I really like working with Sprout Social. Also, they’re super responsive over Twitter and Twitter Message, so hit them up with specific questions.

  8. Take advantage of trending topics across Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Each platform shows these items differently. Twitter reveals trends in “moments,” Facebook on the right hand side of trends, and Instagram shows trending hashtags on the “explore” page. Again, speak to the trends if it’s relevant. Get creative so it’s relevant!

  9. New Facebook ad formats are happening, as are all sorts of other changes within this platform. I like to stay on top of changes by following @smexaminer and the like.

  10. Find the right social tools that work for you. Need to schedule? The first accounts on Hootsuite are FREE. Need to edit photos? Try Enlight or buy some new filters for VSCO. Need to post a GIF? Get that gif keyboard!

  11. Paid social is the way to go. If you don’t have a budget, it’s going to be hard to keep up. Is it impossible? Nope, but if there’s any wiggle room for sponsored posts or ads on Facebook, try it out. You don’t have to sponsor everything, but trying it for events and time-intensive items can really help.

  12. It might be time to give the Snapchat ghost a chance. Enter: Snapchat Discover. This is a homepage for brands and streamlines brand stories in one place. Take a look at this and get on the bandwagon. Though half of the user base is 13-24, since the app is getting more brand-sophisticated, there are plenty of opportunities and reasons for you to get involved.

  13. Social media influencers. Find them and work them into your strategy. Word of mouth is strong and most people will take a recommendation from a friend over an ad ANY DAY.

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