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#13ShadesofBlack: Meet Filipe of Ole Mason Jar

Filipe Ho, Ole Mason Jar 


Who are you?

Filipe Ho 


What company do you own/work with?

Co-Founder and COO of OLE MASON JAR, a Charlotte-based menswear brand dedicated to giving back and making high quality clothing and accessories right here in the USA.


How did you get engaged in fashion?

Honestly, I think it is something that has always been inside of me, an interest I have had my entire life. I was originally born in Hong Kong, and have been lucky enough to travel all over the world, so I think that is ultimately a major component of my strong interest. I also have had several family members in the industry that has inspired me, and they continue to mentor and provide guidance today. 


If you had to brand your personal style, what would you call it?

Traditional modern (transitional) lol?. I frequently will pair something more trendy or modern, with a classic staple that is always in style. I am also big on versatile pieces, pairing things together and layering. I tend to wear something in a different way each time, and enjoy creating unique and different looks with only a handful of simplistic pieces.


Where can people find you/your business on social media?

Our showroom is located in historic Brevard court (148 Brevard Court), across from Romare Bearden Park and above Vahalla Wine Bar. Also, definitely check out our website www.olemasonjar.com and all of our social media (@olemasonjar on all platforms…instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, tumblr etc…


Where can people meet you #IRL (market, event, store, etc.), Etc.

Every Sunday @ Elevation uptown! 7 days a week at either Not Just Coffee, or Rush Espresso for my daily/multi daily coffee fix. Also, I am a huge fan of 7th street market, Sabor in Elizabeth or Noda and Reids over in Southpark (especially for Brunch!).


– Filipe


Photos by Katherine-Kirchner.

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