It goes something like this: Let’s go to lunch next week…

Yes! Where should we go? Is there anywhere new you’ve been wanting to try? Wait are they even open for lunch? Let me google them. What’s closest to you? Will it be too crowded? Do we need a reservation? Do they even take reservations?

It’s hard enough to get time on the calendar much less figure out where to go. This summer, scoop is covering off your lunch dates by the ‘hood so bookmark this list. We start in SOUTHPARK.

Whether you’re looking to sneak away from the office or choosing the perfect place to catch up with a girlfriend, SouthPark has plenty of great options for lunch. Our top picks:


While they may not have made it into your regular rotation just yet, give these new-ish spots for your next lunch out:

Pink Cactus
4423 Sharon Rd.

We have our eyes on the strawberry avocado salad, although mid-day tacos may make the workday go by faster! Their patio is also the perfect spot to escape the office A/C and soak up some sun. Scoop tip: easy parking on site!

Lunch hours: Open daily at 11 a.m.