Charlotte’s international food scene is more dynamic than ever. From ceviche and kebabs to enchiladas and pho, we’ve explored the city’s best global cuisine, and we’re sharing the stories behind the dishes and the people who make them. 

THIS CITY is full of, and getting fuller on, food with international flair. Among the Mexican eateries and pupuserias along Central Avenue, you’ll find an Ethiopian restaurant that serves meals on spongy injera bread you use in place of silverware (with your right hand only, please). Down in Pineville, you can find a Polish deli in the same building as a Pakistani/Indian restaurant and, just down the road, a German restaurant that looks like an Alpine ski lodge where you can drink lager from a 32-ounce stein and nosh on bratwurst and schnitzel. Drive back up to East Boulevard in Dilworth, and you have your choice of pad thai, tikka masala, or Irish stew.

Charlotte’s international food scene is as dynamic and fluid as the city around it. Don’t worry too much about what is and isn’t “authentic.” Some restaurants have adapted their dishes to American palates more than others, and this package will never truly represent what you’ll taste in their countries of origin. Consider this a snapshot album of Charlotte’s best global cuisine, from ceviche and kebabs to enchiladas and pho. Get out there. Eat adventurously. —Taylor Bowler

This smooth, creamy custard from the Limousin region of France is served with a granola crisp and diced peaches
Where to find it: La Belle Helene, Fourth Ward