November 15, 2022

Chopt Creative Salad Co. is relocating its Rosslyn, Virginia-based restaurant to a sustainability-focused and contactless storefront at 1735 N. Lynn St. in the International Place mall.

The restaurant, which will open next week and is just one door away from its original location, will offer QR code ordering and table-side delivery, as well as three self-service kiosks to offer diners a contactless ordering process, according to Chopt CEO Nick Marsh. The restaurant reduces Chopt’s environmental impact with a smaller footprint that reduces square footage by over 55% and features energy-efficient kitchenware and an HVAC system to reduce energy use by 30% and greenhouse gas emissions by 21%. To keep pace with all Chopt locations in terms of sustainability and sourcing efforts, all menu offerings are delivered in 100% compostable sugar cane trays that can be naturally broken down without creating new waste.

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