Eight Charlotte breweries poured and sold a total of 210,000+ pints of beer in July. The city, we should say, has 35+ breweries.

Why it matters: Every time a new brewery is announced, you’ll see a slew of comments to the tune of “we don’t need another brewery.” But Charlotte, you’re thirsty.

  • And most brewery owners reach a point where they have to decide whether to reinvest in more equipment and space, or stay stagnant. Case in point: Legion Brewing, which is opening a new production facility on West Morehead early next month.
  • They sold 36,997 pints through the Plaza Midwood and SouthPark locations in July. That’s 1,193 a day. And they’re open about 10 hours a day, so let’s just say 119 pints an hour. Between the two locations, that’s about a pint a minute.”

Legion sells as much as it’s able to produce each year, which has been the same since 2018.

  • “The demand for our beer is 10 fold more that our ability to supply it,” owner Phil Buchy said.

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