Bogues Consulting Group will present the “What’s in a Title? The C-Suite Experience” panel event to address career mobility for women in positions ranging from corporate America to entrepreneurship.

“While women make up 45% of the American workforce, only 25% hold C-suite positions and only 6% have a CEO role. Another fascinating statistic that many people aren’t aware of is that only 2% of all CEOs are women of color,” said Brittney Bogues, owner of Bogues Consulting Group. “Our aim is to drive the conversation around how to make impactful and lasting changes for all women with an eye on the C-suite.”

The lunch-and-learn event will feature a number of Charlotte C-suite leaders and opportunities for attendees to mingle with potential mentors, find mentees, gain knowledge and work to build a sisterhood of empowered women.

Corri Smith, owner of creative marketing group Black Wednesday, will moderate the panel, which includes:

● Jennifer Appleby, president of WrayWard.

● Tera Black, chief operating officer for the Charlotte Checkers.

● Gigi Dixon, director of strategic partnerships for Wells Fargo.

● Dee Dixon, CEO of Pride Magazine.

Meredith Dean, of The Dean’s List and Ryan Seacrest Studios, will serve as the event’s media correspondent.

The event will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Nov. 6 at Advent Coworking. Tickets start at $50, and sponsorships are available. Tickets are available at

Wray Ward has provided sponsored spots for two lucky attendees who will be randomly selected and given the opportunity to pitch their businesses at the event. Follow Wray Ward (@Wray_Ward) and Bogues Consulting Group (@boguesconsultinggroup) on Instagram for details.

“As a female-owned company with a 75% female team, it’s imperative that Bogues Consulting Group be part of the driving force to place more women in the C-suite,” Bogues said. “We’re excited about the dynamic line-up of panel speakers and an event that we anticipate will be a call to action for all working women to support and uplift each other to make sure there is upward mobility for females across the workforce.”