There’s no denying that everyone loves flowers … especially in the spring (and if you’re shaking your head “no”, I’m not sure how I’m suppose to talk to you). Birds are chirping, buds are blooming into varied colors and shapes and the outdoors are filled with the sweet allure of floral fragrances. Mixologists and chefs are embracing this season with delicate bloom-infusions that we simply can’t resist.
Here are a few items we’re looking forward to trying throughout the city.

Cocktails & Coffee:

Shakin’ and splashin’ in a little floral essence into your beverage is a great trick to enhance flavor and complexity. From bubbly lavender kombucha to rose-infused vodka, here are a few flowery pick-me-ups to welcome the spring season in Charlotte.

3106 N. Davidson St.

Whiskey over Flower Ice

What to Order: The flower ice spheres. Once you order your beverage of choice, make sure to ask for the bloomy embellishment.

8470 Bellhaven Blvd.

Manhattan Flower Shop

What to Order: Manhattan Flower Shop – Butter Washed Defiant Whiskey, Savory Spice Shop’s Pakistan rose buds, Apothecary bitters and persimmon cordial.

The Imperial
300 N. College St.

What to Order: Ambrosial Garden – Hendricks gin, mint, elderflower liquor, bitters, fresh lemon juice and soda water.

Lenny Boy Brewing
3000 S. Tryon St.

What to Order: Organic Lavender Kombucha. You can find this at the brewery and several stores around Charlotte.

Living Kitchen
2000 South Blvd., Ste. 300

What to Order: Lavender Cappuccino – lavender syrup, espresso and steamed almond milk.

Merchant & Trade
303 S. Church St.

Luna de Sangre cocktail

What to Order: Luna de Sangre – Hibiscus infused Mezcal Vida, Milagro Reposado, lavender, agave and Bittermens Scarborough Herbal Bitters.

Reid’s Fine Foods
Multiple Locations

What to Order: Lavender Clementine – Bulleit 95 rye whiskey, lavender honey, muddled clementine’s and cherries with ginger beer.

(Helpful Note: on Thursday’s all cocktails are half-off!)

Sophia’s Lounge
127 N. Tryon St., Ste. D

What to Order: (1) Shakespeare – Rose-infused vodka, egg white, citrus and rose water.(2) Melon’Dramatic – Lavender infused gin, Drambuie, melon syrup, citrus juices and lime zest.

The Summit Room
1531 East Blvd.

What to Order: Lavender Mule – Belvedere, fresh squeezed limes, house-made lavender syrup and ginger beer.

235 W. Tremont Ave., Ste. 100

What to Order: Fogle Fizz – Gin, yuzu-lemongrass cordial, butterfly pea flower, topo chico sparkling water.

Entrees & Dessert:

Just when you thought petal-filled cocktails couldn’t get any sweeter… have you paired them with flower-power foods? Here are seven establishments that are celebrating spring with floral food fit for a Queen (in the Queen City).

Amelie’s French Bakery
Multiple Locations

Lavender Lemon Macarons

What to Order: Lavender Lemon Macaron and Rose Macaron from their new spring menu.

Rose Macarons

3106 N. Davidson St.

Egg Tartine

What to Order: Egg Tartine – Toasted wheat bread, beet spread, slow-poached egg, arugula, radish, pickled red onion, sage, honey vinaigrette and edible flowers.

La Piccola Gabbia Pasticceria
Order Online & Select Retailers

Lavender Biscotti

What to Order: Lavender Biscotti made with almond, lavender buds and extract.

(Local Note: They source the buds and extract from Savory Spice Shop in South End.)

Sophia’s Lounge
127 N. Tryon St., Ste. D

What to Order: Twisted Chocolate Ganache – carbonated poached kumquats, rose meringues and powdered mint.

Suarez Bakery
4245 Park Rd.

Lemon lavender doughnut

What to Order: Lemon + Lavender Doughnut – Lemon cake doughnut with a lavender glaze, lemon zest and lavender buds.

(Note: this will be available every Saturday during the month of May until they sell out.)

Sunflour Baking Company
Multiple Locations

What to Order: Lavender White Chocolate Mousse Spring Torte. Just look at that color!

The Stanley
Opening Soon, Elizabeth Neighborhood

Sunchoke Soup

What to Order: (1) Spring Beets – Beet tube with blue cheese mousse, parsley, arugula, red buds and violas. (2) Sunchoke Soup – Green garlic custard, roots, choke chips, red buds, chick weed and chive.

Wish List:

Because a girl can dream…. right?

Golden Cow Creamery
170 W. Summit Ave.

What I want to Order: The Lavender Ice Cream from last year. Please, oh please, bring it back on the menu for this year. You’ll make my dreams come true.