Black Wednesday is a creative marketing and PR company that focuses on grassroots efforts to authentically connect brands to their audiences.

At BW, we dive into a client’s brand strategy to custom build marketing programs tailored to fit their vision, voice and goals. We develop creative stories and campaigns that exemplify their core values and beliefs, help them get plugged into the larger dialogues in their communities and seek innovative opportunities for organic coverage and engagement.

We call this brand personification: when your business behaves like a person allowing you to market differently. We want to help you share the living, breathing human passion behind exactly what gets you up in the morning (besides coffee). Let’s be honest, we love coffee, but we’re even bigger fans of the authentic interchange inspired by sharing a cup. Our role: setting the table for your next conversation.

Whether it’s marketing consultancy, public relations, social media, design or strategy services, if you care about it, we will amplify the message and help you participate differently.

So let’s talk: contact us today and let’s have a conversation about your next conversation.

Let’s talk about the story you need help writing and/or sharing. We can help you design programming and plans to get the word out through traditional and alternative media, social media, your website, influencer marketing and more.

We can create and design your press release to tell your story in an exciting way; we’ll then pitch the media to secure coverage and the third party credibility you need to support the launch of your newest product, restaurant, marketing campaign, rebrand, etc.

In our book, social media is the most powerful marketing tool you have at your fingertips (literally) because for the most part: it’s free. We’ll help you design creative and innovative campaigns, engage with your target audience and grow your community (and sales!).

How does your brand look, feel and speak to your audience? Whether you need a fresh take or an entire brand identity, we can help you define and design it.

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We love the people we get to work with. They are passionate, excited and have a little edge.

[boxed_testimonial_carousel][boxed_testimonial image=”51914″ quote=”We worked with Black Wednesday when our business started to rapidly expand; our brand had grown organically through social media and word of mouth, and I knew that it was time for a more intentional marketing & PR push. Corri is an out-of-the-box thinker, is a leader in the social media and marketing worlds and helped give us the push we needed. ” author=”Haley Bohon – Founder & CEO” company=”Skillpop”][boxed_testimonial image=”51880″ quote=”Black Wednesday brings a unique perspective on all creative concepts when it comes to our brand that allows us to have a voice. They help give us the ability to stand out in the social world and local community while still being true to our mission and core concepts.” author=”Angelique Morabito” company=”Wheelhouse Media + Wheelhouse Media Foundation “][boxed_testimonial image=”51879″ quote=”Corri gives 110 percent to every project she takes on. She brings extensive social media knowledge and expertise to the table and is a pleasure to work with. ” author=”Addie Rising – Content Manager” company=”SHARE Charlotte “][/boxed_testimonial_carousel]


We’re happy to talk to you about your goals and see how we can help.


1200 E. 36th Street, C
Charlotte, NC 28205