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Meet the BW Crew!

You may find yourself wondering, “what’s a Black Wednesday?” It’s a name that has a little bit of mystery and a lot of edge… but more than anything, it’s a conversation starter. Read more about what we do here.   Behind the conversation and the coffee there’s a team…   Meet ME Corri Smith AKA the […]

Black Wednesday + Skillpop

This past Monday we had an awesome time with Skillpop, a new company that’s doing awesome things for fun and hands-on education in Charlotte. The theme for this week’s class was “Social Media Refresh” and the plan was to equip students with tips, tricks and things to look for with social media this year. They also got a snazzy […]

Choose Your Own WEDventure

One of Black Wednesday’s main goals is to help local businesses (and people) develop their brands online AND off. How do you do it? You refine skills within both platforms: digitally and #IRL (IRL stands for “in real life,” mom). In short, you work on a digital marketing and social media strategy to design messaging, how […]

We’re here.

Oh my gosh, here we are. Black Wednesday is here.   And by we, I mean me. I, Corri, am here… AND thrilled. Black Wednesday Social Co. now has a place for you to stalk (other than Twitter… but please don’t stop sending me GIFs in twitterspace), check out the latest, see upcoming events, learn some stuff, and more. I hope […]